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SOGESE represents a significant cornerstone of an operative three-companies group, planned and conceived to provide the customer with a quick and prompt solution. MONTI INDUSTRIES is the holding company of this group and it coordinates and homogenizes several business functions across the connected companies. SOGESE leases and sales new and second hand containers, housing containers, provides self storage services and the domestic rental service of refrigerated containers. MONTI INDUSTRIES controlled company, COREMAS POLARIS, is an operative manufacturing company specialized in the design of container shelters, bespoke prefab boxes (for industrial use) and housing containers (in case of emergency and catastrophes). Furthermore it produces self-supporting glulam constructions for residential and recreational use based on specific projects. All the activities carried out on behalf of shipping lines and forwarding agents fall within COREMAS POLARIS ITALIA services. These include dry and refrigerated containers depot and repair, wood packaging fumigation process (H2 or above), pallets fumigation, full loaded and in transit reefer containers monitoring and cold treatment.

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Work in progress for QUICKBOX prefabs boxes at the “Foro Italico” in Rome

    Also this year, Sogese will play a main role among international sport events. With the brand QUICKBOX, Sogese’s prefab modules...


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