Division and business units

SOGESE offers its services in Italy and abroad through four referential brands that enclose the whole range of products.

IDEA FREDDO for refrigerated container sale and rental, QUICKBOX for turnkey housing containers and prefabs sale and hire (for recreational or working use). STOCKSOLUTION for dry container (second hand and first trip) leasing and sale. Under the brand STOCKSOLUTION are also commercialized the container self storage service as third party’s depot. HOME CONTAINER for top quality container homes leasing and sale. These housing units are designed and set up inside 20 or 40 feet containers. SOGESE also has constantly available for sale important amounts of second hand dry container, housing container, and refrigerated containers due to the periodic renovation of the leasing and rental fleet that guarantees 100% reliability of the unit delivered.

Nuovi prodotti e offerte speciali

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Work in progress for QUICKBOX prefabs boxes at the “Foro Italico” in Rome

    Also this year, Sogese will play a main role among international sport events. With the brand QUICKBOX, Sogese’s prefab modules...


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