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QUICKBOX is a Sogese trademark for the rental, lease and sale of new and second hand prefabs.

  • DESIGN: QUICKBOX has its own design office that, on specific requests, provide a faithful AUTOCAD representation of the living structure required, laying down all the production details.
  • SILKSCREENS PRINTINGS AND PROMOTIONAL CUSTOMIZATIONS: QUICKBOX designs prefabs according to specific aestethic requirements that may improve also the quality of the initially grey looking housing unit. Such tricks make containers more pleasant and increase promotional exposure and visibility during advertising events.
  • FURNITURE AND SYSTEMS: QUICKBOX provides a complete service starting from design and manufacturing up to the indoor environment customization that makes the prefab more pleasant and comfortable for its use.

Why to choose QUICKBOX

  • Cost cutting: assembled, coupled and overlapped, QUICKBOX prefabs are a cost and time effective solution to quickly create wide and equipped structures that will not give up to the comforts of the traditional construction industry. Quality and compliance with building regulations are preserved and guaranteed.
  • Customization: QUICKBOX provides your bespoke layout with entrances, windows and doors, power wiring and water plumbing and all the systems (air-conditioning, IT, telematics) according to the customer requirements.
  • Delivery: QUICKBOX container prefabs are always available and ready for delivery in our depot of Leghorn, Pavia, Rome, Padova and Bologna.
  • Optional and furniture: QUICKBOX provides a turnkey service and product, a functional environment designed on specific customer requests starting from accesses, layout, doors, windows tools, furniture and silkscreen printings to turn the QUICKBOX environment closer to the customer needs.
  • Personalized financial solutions: The customer can choose among several solutions such as the container straight purchase, boxes leasing and prefab units lease-purchase.
  • Used and second hand: QUICKBOX provides used and second hand prefabs units at attractive prices.


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