QuickBox prefabricated modular units: Immediate availability of pre-equipped housing units for lease and sale. Follow us on Youtube – Monti Industries channel

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QUICKBOX prefabs are set up on the nominated site and according to the space required, by assembling, coupling and overlapping basic modular steel container units. Every module is realized by cladding insulating sandwich panels (to match the required energy coefficients) of proper thickness to a steel bearing structure. Doors and windows are set up on the panels and every unit is endowed with indoor lighting, plumbing, air-conditioning and every other required system or equipment, furniture included. Changes to structures can be achieved in short time due our QUICKBOX technology that makes units extremely versatile.Toilets, schools, offices, changing rooms, canteens, dormitories, warehouses, labs and stands are just few building examples provided by QUICKBOX services. WATCH NOW


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